Texture analysis applications - TVT 6700

The flexibility of the TVT 6700 Texture Analyzer makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including

  • Quality control of raw materials
  • In-process and finished products testing
  • Product formulation
  • Process development
  • Evaluation of ingredient and processing changes
  • Monitor changes during storage and transport
  • Imitating chewing
  • Imitating consumer handling.

Application notes include:

Bakery Applications

Bagel crumb; firmness by a puncture (AIB method)
Biscuit and cookie; firmness and fracturability by penetration
Biscuit, cookie, and cracker; hardness and fracturability by cutting
Biscuit and cookie; hardness and fracturability (AIB method)
Bread crumb; compression (AACC 74-09)
Bread crumb; double cycle compression
Bread crumb; firmness by compression (AIB method)
Bread crumb; firmness by compression (hold until time)
Cinnamon roll; firmness by a puncture (AIB method)
Crispbread; fracturability using break probe
Croissant; firmness by cutting
Dough; hardness by penetration
Dough; adhesiveness by penetration
Hamburger bun; crust firmness by a puncture (AIB method)
Muffin; shelf life by compression (hold until time) (AIB method)
Pancakes and thin bakery products; extensibility by puncture
Sponge cake; firmness and springiness (hold until time)
Sponge cake; firmness and springiness by multiple cycle compression
Sponge cake; firmness by puncture
Sponge cake; firmness by a puncture (AIB method)
Tortilla; stretchability by penetration (AIB method)
Tortilla and other thin, baked products: elasticity by tension
Tortilla chips and tostada shells; fracturability (AIB method) 










Confectionery Applications

Caramel: hardness, stickiness, and stringiness by puncture
Chocolate bars; hardness by penetration
Hard candy; fracturability and hardness by cutting
Soft chewy confectionery; hardness and stickiness by puncture test
Soft gummy confectionery; firmness and elasticity by a compression test

Dairy Products Applications

Cheese, hard; firmness by cutting
Cheese, soft; hardness and stickiness by puncture
Cheese, soft; spreadability by compression
Cheese spread; hardness and stickiness by puncture
Ice cream; cutting (shear) force by cutting
Margarine; firmness by cutting
Margarine; firmness by puncture
Mayonnaise; firmness by puncture
Mayonnaise; consistency by back extrusion
Milk foam; firmness by back extrusion
Mousse; firmness by puncture
Yogurt; firmness by back extrusion
Yogurt; firmness by compression








Extruded Products Applications

Extruded snack: hardness by penetration
Pet food pellets; hardness of dehydrated pellets by compression

Fruits and Vegetable Applications

Almonds; hardness (exterior and interior) by cutting
Apples and other fruits; hardness (to predict bruising) by puncture
Apples and other fruits; hardness (to predict bruising) by compression
Beans, processed (canned); firmness by back extrusion
Potatoes: Cutting (shear) force by cutting
Potatoes, french fries; firmness by cutting
Potatoes, mashed; firmness by back extrusion








Gels (including jam and marmalade) Applications

Gel; Gel strength, elasticity by puncture
Gelatin; bloom strength by penetration
Marmalade; gel strength and elasticity by penetration

Grains Applications

Rice, cooked; firmness and stickiness by compression

Pasta and Noodles Applications

  • Spaghetti and noodles; cutting (shear) (AACC 16-50)
  • Spaghetti and noodles, cooked; firmness by cutting
  • Spaghetti and noodles, cooked; elasticity by tension
  • Spaghetti and noodles cooked; firmness and adhesiveness by compression
  • Spaghetti, lasagne, and noodles, dry; hardness using break probe








Protein Products (meat, fish, eggs) Applications

Chicken; Firmness and cutting strength by cutting test
Eggshell; hardness (transportation strength) by puncture
Fish; firmness by cutting
Fish; firmness by puncture
Meat products, circular; firmness, (bite force) by cutting
Meat products; firmness, cohesiveness, springiness, gumminess by compression

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