Features and benefits - RVA viscometers

Rapid Visco Analyser:

Temperature and Viscosity Range to suit your samples: Mid viscosity range for most samples (RVA-TecMaster), extended range for high viscosity combined with high sensitivity for low viscosity (RVA 4500), and mid-range with four preconfigured methods for routine samples (RVA-StarchMaster2). High-temperature range, up to 140°C (RVA 4800).

Rapid Viscosity Profile: Standard starch pasting test in 13 minutes.

Easy to Use: Automated operation of RVA 4500 and RVA-TecMaster using Thermocline for Windows (TCW) minimizes training and ensures reliability.

Stand-alone option: Preconfigured RVA-StarchMaster2 operates simply; no computer required; no software to learn.

Calibration: Check with traceable standards to comply with ISO9000 and Quality System requirements.

Glass-free: Safe for food manufacturing areas.

Relevant: Tailor test routines to emulate processing conditions in the industry.



Thermocline for Windows (TCW) Software:

Programmable Instrument Control: “Profile” style method set up with advanced options and auto functions 
for flexibility and ease of use.

Flexible Data Analysis: Auto functions for commonly derived parameters and advanced functions for research.

Real-Time Graph Display: Interactive and overlay functions for clarity.

Single Page Report: Traceability data, results and the graph all on a single page.

Traceability: Complies with ER/ES (electronic records/electronic signatures) requirements for data security.


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