RVA Viscometer Accessories

Robot Dispenser

The Robot Dispenser is an automated sample weigher and dispenser to accompany the Rapid Visco Analyser. Simply scoop sample into an RVA can, and the Robot Dispenser dispenses the correct amount of water into the can. 


Sample cans & stirring paddles

Box of 200 cans and paddles in a dispenser box for convenient storage and access


Calibration check starch

Standard test starch ensures that the RVA is operating within specifications in compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice. The test starch is supplied in sachets to maximize shelf life and for convenient storage. (Pack of ten for small users, and a more economical pack of 50.)


NIST calibration check oil

NIST certified oil for monitoring instrument performance and 
compliance with calibration to meet the principles of Good 
Laboratory Practice.


Coated cans & paddles for broad-spectrum resistance

Tests of some types of modified starches, meals and food preparations are best carried out under significantly acid or alkaline conditions, or in the presence of heavy metals. Sicpa Buff coated canisters impart broad spectrum resistance, including at high and low pH, at an economical price.


High-Temperature cans & paddles

Tests run at temperatures above 100°C, in the RVA 4800, requires special cans and paddles. A practical tray of 42 high temperature cans and paddles is available.


RVA Handbook

Published by AACC International, the RVA Handbook helps you to review the scope of applications available, guides you when developing new applications, or improving existing ones, and helps you to interpret RVA test results. With this book, you can avoid the pitfalls, get up to speed quickly with your application, and find inspiration for adapting the RVA to new uses.

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