Friabilimeter - Malt Analiz Cihazı

Friability and whole hyaline of malt;


  • A fast and easy analyzing method
  • Practice-oriented determination of the brewing value
  • Simplifies the malt analysis
  • obust and solid construction


Easy evaluation of the brewing value of malt for breweries and malt houses.


Brewers need malts of high quality for the economic beer production. These malts must be produced and evaluated by maltsters. The Friabilimeter allows an easy and fast determination of the brewing value of malt in the practice. The Friabilimeter allows the control of the malt quality immediately after kilning. Irregularities during the malting process can be detected and corrected. The brewery can determine the malt quality immediately upon delivery and apply consistent malt blends accordingly. This avoids unnecessary problems.


A malt sample is separated mechanically into its hard and friable parts. For this purpose, the grains are pressed against the rotating mesh wire by means of the pressure force of a rubber coated roller with constant pressure for a period of 8 minutes. The friable malt parts fall through the sieve wire, while glassy grains and hard parts remain inside the sieve drum.

Analyzing process

A malt sample of 50 g ±0,01g is weighed and filled into the Friabilimeter. Then the instrument is switched on, the lateral pull handle is pulled downwards and locked into the bottom stop notch. After 8 minutes the instrument switches off. The glassy malt parts, which remained inside the sieve drum are weighed and the friability value referred to 100 % is calculated.

Determination of whole hyaline

The hard malt parts are distinguished between part hyaline and whole hyaline. Increasing parts of whole hyaline grains reduce the brewing value. All grains, which are larger then ¾ are sorted out of the glassy malt parts. This fraction referred to 100 % is considered as whole hyaline. The contents of the sieve drum are shaken on a sorting sieve of 2,2 mm slit width for 60 seconds. The fraction left on the sieve is considered as part hyaline.

Meaning of hyaline

Excessive hyaline has an adverse effect on the mashing and lautering process. During the brewing process problems will arise during the wort clarification, fermentation, and filtration. In this connection influences depending on the type and the year are possible.

Official methods

The Friabilimeter is an instrument for the determination of the friability of malt according to the EBC-method 4.15, MEBAK and ASBC Malt-12. Pfeuffer GmbH has established a Friabilimeter-network in cooperation with the EBC-Analysis Committee for the determination of the obligatory reference friability value.


The setting of the Friabilimeter can be checked by means of a reference malt of known friability. By means of the adjustment screw located on the top side of the housing, the instrument can be adjusted. The supplied calibration set is used for the control of the pressure roller and the spring pressure.

Technical data

power supply : 230 V* / 50 Hz (others on request !)
dimensions : 400 x 265 x 270 mm
weight: 12 kg

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