Falling Number® accessories

Our accessories help you achieve consistent results and make your use of Falling Number® instruments more efficient.

Shakematic 1095
Remove operator influence on results and reduce total analysis time by using the Shakematic automatic sample mixer.
Recirculating Cooler
Reduces water consumption to practically zero and makes it possible to place FN units almost everywhere.
Clean Falling Number® Viscometer Tubes rapidly and safely. The fast cleaning saves time and liberates operators for more important work. 

      FN accessorie

LM 3100  
Time stamps and documents Falling Number® results for storage or transfers to a log book. For use with FN 1000 and FN 1700.
Easily and accurately dispenses 25 ml of water for the Falling Number® test. Can also be set to 30 ml for the Fungal Falling Number® test.
Lab mills
To analyze grain for Falling Number® according to the standard methods it needs to be ground using the correct lab mills. The Perten LM 120 and LM 3100 hammer mills are both approved for the Falling Number® method.

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