Customer Support Packages

Our support packages are designed to keep your instrument operating at optimal performance.

Regular maintenance of the RVA ensures issues are identified and rectified before they cause problems. This ensures that your RVA produces accurate results that are comparable with other RVAs around the world, and comparable over the lifetime of your RVA. All services such as preventive maintenance, technical support and software updates, are bundled into what we call support packages.

Different customers have different needs, and we offer two different levels of support packages, as described below. When you subscribe to a package, you pay a flat rate once per year for all support and service included in the package. All support and service is of course also available on an a la carte basis.

The support packages are available in most regions and is gradually implemented in more geographies around the globe. Contact your local Perten Instruments office for availability in your region, pricing and additional information. The content may vary locally. Ask your local Perten Instruments office for the brochure that applies in your country.

Extended package

The most economical package includes items such as a preventive maintenance service, Calibration against certified standards, technical support via phone and e-mail and Perten software updates.

Comprehensive package

Just as the name implies, the Comprehensive package includes all features of the Extended package with additional all inclusive benefits such as spare parts, unscheduled repair costs, next day service and hence maximized up-time reassurance.

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