BVM Volume Meter

BVM Volume Meter

The BVM is a quick and accurate analyzer that measures both volume and other size dimensions of various types of baked goods.

Measuring principle

Analyses are performed using laser topography technique. The laser is placed on a movable arm and travels in an arc from bottom to the top around the rotating product. A large number of sample holders in various shapes and sizes are available, adapted to measure different types of baked goods such as loaves, buns, pretzels, croissants, cookies and more.


The time of measurement is adjustable from 10 to 60 sec, depending on the shape of the product and the accuracy needed. This makes it 10 times faster than traditional seed displacement methods. Additionally, the BVM is also 5 times more accurate and reproducible independently of the operator.

Result presentation

The software automatically creates a 3-D image of the sample, calculates mean values and standard deviations for chosen parameters such as volume, length, width, depth, specific volume and more, which can be used for product claims and batch comparisons. Limiting values can be set and outliers will then be easily seen in the result table. The BVM enhances the work of optimization and creation of new recipes, product improvements and to ensure that ingredients used provides an even baking quality.

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