Features and benefits


Key features – DA 6200™ NIR Analyzer

The DA 6200™ sets new standards for advanced, cost-effective quality and process control.


The DA 6200™ is based on robust Diode Array technology with analysis done using transmittance NIR technology. A very large sample volume is analyzed in each measurement, ensuring a representative and accurate measurement.

Easy to use

The straight-forward sample handling and intuitive user interface enable anyone to operate the DA 6200™ confidently and get accurate results.

Compact & Stand-alone

The DA 6200™ is a stand-alone analyzer operated through an integrated touch screen and designed to have a small footprint.


With a light weight design and a battery, the analyzer is easy to carry and place in different sampling positions. Up to eight hours of battery operation enables the analyzer to be used for measurements by the line without external power supply for an entire production shift.

Robust & low cost of ownership

Analyze as often as desired. There are no associated consumables or chemical expenditures. The DA 6200™ analyzer is based on robust Diode Array technology, without the use of moving parts in spectrometer. External check sample is included, proving an easy tool to verify instrument performance regularly.

Ready-to-use calibrations

The DA 6200™ is equipped with pre-developed calibrations to provide results from day one.

Calibrations have been developed in collaboration with multiple institutes, laboratories and processing plants, based on a large variability in samples and using advanced PLS and ANN algorithms. 

If needed, calibrations can be further updated using locally collected samples.

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