FN 1500

The FN 1500 is the perfect Falling Number® system for a smaller flour mill.
It is an automatic single analysis system, equipped with a control unit with a printer, a keypad and a small display which can be set to a local language.

Fungal Falling Number

The FN 1500 can be ordered with the option to test flours with the addition of fungal alpha-amylase.

Built-in printer

The built-in printer gives a receipt of the analysis results.

Sample ID registration

To include sample ID on the printout and in the data sent to any connected computer, you can enter a number through the keypad or by connecting a barcode reader.


The FN 1500 is equipped with an RS-232 connection which allows it to automatically send Falling Number® results to a connected computer after the analysis. This makes it possible to capture results in a LIMS system.

Blend optimization

The Falling Number® of a mix of two batches of grain or flour is not the same as the average of the two individual Falling Number® values. To get the correct value use the calculation feature of the FN 1500 to get the right result.

Altitude correction

If you use the Falling Number® method above 600 meters above sea level the result needs to be corrected for the lower boiling temperature of water at this altitude. The FN 1500 can be set to automatically adjust the Falling Number® result if you activate this feature.

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