Operating the RVA viscometer

The steps in detail

  1. Select Method
    Open the appropriate RVA method in TCW software or select the appropriate RVA method using the instrument keypad if using a stand alone RVA.
  2. Weighing
    Accurately weigh your sample and water using an electronic balance. Add first the water and then the sample into the canister.
  3. Mixing
    Place a paddle into the canister, mix and push down any sample lumps.
  4. Inserting
    Slide the paddle into the RVA motor coupling.
  5. Starting
    Depress the tower to lower the canister into the RVA and start the test.
  6. Measuring
    The viscosity of the sample will be graphed on the monitor or on the display if using a stand alone RVA.
  7. Result
    The test will end automatically and analysis results will be reported.


RVA Instructional Video

Watch the RVA Instructional Video (on YouTube)

Instructional video for the Rapid Visco Analyzer (RVA). Viscometer with programmable temperature and shear.

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