He Lite Moisture Meter

He Lite Moisture Meter

Rapid and simple measurement of grain moisture

  • High measuring range
  • Easy menu operation
  • The proven principle of measurement
  • Possible adjustment of calibrations
  • Averaging
  • Favorable price

Handy moisture meter, accurate and reliable during harvesting, drying and storing. Warranty 2 years

Sturdy moisture meter for agriculture

Application and Use

The moisture content is decisively significant for the determination of the correct harvesting moment. The HE lite has been specially designed for this function. 

It is used for the control of the moisture on the field during the threshing process and for checking the moisture absorption inside the combine-harvester. 

The HE lite is used for the regular moisture measurement during the drying process and during the storage to avoid losses in quality. 

The HE lite is suitable for the moisture determination of cereals, oilseeds and humid maize.

Principle of Measurement

The HE lite measures the conductivity as well as the temperature of a ground sample. The exact moisture value is calculated by means of an advanced measurement technique. The integrated measurement cell  of the  HE lite is based upon the Pfeuffer-principle proven for more than 40 years: the sample is ground and at the same time homogenized by means of special grinding discs. This guarantees a high reliability of the  HE lite for freshly harvested grain.


The sample is poured into the filling measure which is integrated in the top unit of the measuring cell and then filled into the grinding chamber. The top unit is placed on to the instrument and screwed down until the limit stop. If required, additionally a ratchet, available asan option, can be used. Then the instrument is switched on, the product is selected and the measurement is activated. After some seconds the measuring result appears on the display.

Menu Operation

The  menu operation of the HE lite is very simple.  The possible options are indicated in the bottom section of the display and are selected by means of three functional keys. The operation of the instrument is very simple due to the clear and logical menu structure. The trilinear illuminated display is contrasty and is highly readable also during the absence of light. All information is indicated in the plain text.

Adjustment of Calibrations

If necessary, the HE lite can be calibrated individually by the user. The measured values of each product can be changed by a constant value and a multiplicative factor.  This allows an optimal  adaptation of the  HE lite to individual requirements.

Calculation of Average Readings

The HE lite calculates automatically the average reading of several measurements. Simply select the number of measurements and the indicated measurement readings in the menu „settings“ under the item "average reading". The average and the single readings are then clearly indicated in the display after each measurement.

Measuring ranges

wheat, rye, barley, oats, triticale    9 - 35 %
rape    5 - 25 %
maize    8 - 45 %
sunflower seeds    5 - 25 %

Technical Data

power supply:
3 x 1,5 V batteries

instrument: 200 x   82 x 85 mm
case: 275 x 230 x 83 mm

approx. 1,4 kg

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