Meat & Meat products 

Whether you produce ground meats, sausages, mechanically separated poultry or other meat products, the DA 6200™ will help you reduce costs improve quality. The DA 6200™ can analyze all types of ground or homogenized meat samples for fat, moisture and protein content in 30 seconds. Additional parameters like collagen, salt or ash are also available upon request. 

• Analyze incoming meat batches to ensure they meet minimum purchasing criteria. Use compositional information to optimize their use. 
• Reduce lean meat give away and out-of-spec products by monitoring fat content in mixing step. 
• Verify finished product quality to ensure it is consistent and meets customer expectations. Reduce dependency and cost of sending samples to external laboratories. 


Olive products

The DA 6200™ helps you to improve profit and yield in olive milling. Olives milled to paste and olive pomace from the milling line can be analyzed in 30 seconds without use of any associated consumables or chemical expenditures.  
• Analyze incoming olives for fat and moisture content to ensure fair payments and know the potential yield.
• Analyze olive pomace fat and moisture content to optimize extraction and avoid wasting valuable oil.



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